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What is “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” project?

“Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” (IFH) is a freeware space combat simulator game project developed by Space Dream Factory (SDF) and set in the universe of Babylon 5.

What is “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her — Danger and Opportunity”?

“Danger and Opportunity” (D&O) is a prequel campaign for “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” space combat simulator game containing 8 complete and fully playable missions (including 3 training missions) based on a stand-alone prologue storyline.

What is “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her — Black Omega”?

“Black Omega” (BO) is the next campaign for “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” space combat simulator game containing 6 playable missions (each of them includes many sub-missions). It has the same lead character as “Danger and Opportunity” and can be considered as direct sequel.

What is project’s official website?

There is only one official website for “I’ve Found Her” project — Anything else is propaganda.

What is Babylon 5?

Babylon 5 (B5) is an epic science fiction television series created, produced and largely written by J. Michael Straczynski (JMS).

Who is J. Michael Straczynski?

Joe Michael Straczynski (born July 17, 1954) is an award-winning American writer/producer of television series, novels, short stories, comic books and radio dramas. He is also a playwright, journalist and author of a well-regarded tome on scriptwriting. He is most famous as the creator, executive producer and head writer for the science fiction TV series Babylon 5.

What is Space Dream Factory?

Space Dream Factory is a developer of interactive entertainment software for personal computers. SDF was founded in 1998 by Oleg Petrov (IFH Project Leader) and is comprised of voluntary group of people scattered around the globe.

What is freeware?

Freeware is a computer software which is distributed free via Internet by the author. Although it is available for free, the author retains the copyright, which means that it cannot be altered or sold.

What is space combat simulator?

Space combat simulator (SCS) refers to a space simulation computer game, the setting of which is for the most part, in outer space. Combat between space ships is usually a major element in these types of games. Many games of this type also include the elements of trade, exploration and building.

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