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General questions:

Where does game’s title “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” come from?

The title comes from the last issue of DC’s Babylon 5 comic — “In Valen’s Name” (written by J. Michael Straczynski and Peter David). According to the comic, these were Valen’s final words recorded by Babylon 4 station. The story of the game is set around this phrase.

When does “Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” game take place?

IFH project has highly detailed storyline intersecting with the events of the series. Major events of both “Danger and Opportunity” prequel, "Black Omega" and IFH main campaigns take place in 2254.

When will the game be released?

“Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her” prequel campaign entitled “Danger and Opportunity” has been officially released on December 25, 2003. SDF has no fixed release dates. The game is created on developers’ own free time. It will be released “when it’s done” (WID).

Is this “Babylon 5: Into the Fire”?


Is this an attempt to resurrect “Babylon 5: Into the Fire” project?

No. Works on IFH began before Sierra’s project “Babylon 5: Into the Fire” (ITF) was cancelled. Both games have nothing in common as far as storyline, game engine and data are concerned. However SDF strives to maintain contact with former ITF developers in order to keep IFH close to the series canon-wise.

What is “Homeplanet”?

“Homeplanet” (HP) is a commercial space combat simulator game developed by Moscow-based company Revolt Games. Both IFH:D&O and HP have been developed simultaneously and share the same game engine. Save this HP is completely different game set in its own (non-B5) universe. Original version of “Homeplanet” was released April, 2003. HP add-on — “Homeplanet: Playing With Fire” (PWF) featuring new storyline, heroes, space ships and long awaited LAN-based multiplayer mode — was released May, 2004. “Homeplanet Gold” was released August, 2005. This collector’s edition contains both original HP and PWF add-on versions of the game and feature advanced rendering system, dynamic shadows, revised AI, new missions and more.

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