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Game features:

Will there be 3D cockpits for the fighters?

Yes, there are plans to implement 3D cockpits in game, starting with Black Omega campaign. In IFH:D&O, players had to deal with head-up display (HUD) only.

Will it be possible to eject the fighter in case of critical damage?

Though Starfury has an ejectable cockpit in the series, this feature was not implemented in D&O. In Black Omega, that feature MIGHT be used.

Can you Alt-Tab in and out of the game?

Yes, you can also run the game in a window mode.

Does this game have a linear storyline?

For D&O the answer is yes. For Black Omega, however, it's not 100% linear with differently scaled variations from mission to mission.

PSI abilities in Black Omega?

Yes. With proper training, a telepath can do much more than poing and shoot his guns. But you have to have a cop brain! Stop thinking military.

Are we going to meet some famous Black Omega pilots?

Omega 2 from D&O will be there to boss you around. As well as few others.

In Black Omega, is Alpha Squad still around?

There is a small spin-off for Black Omega called "Lowe And Lower". It deals with Alpha Squad's affairs before they get a new commander.

Introduction     General     Features     Technology